Niall Gunn

Niall Gunn joined York Aviation as a Principal Consultant in March 2003. Prior to that he spent 18 years with Manchester Airport, mainly in the Capacity Planning role, providing optimum planning solutions to meet operational capacity, development and customer service objectives.  At Manchester Airport Niall also undertook consultancy work for both the Manchester Airport Consultancy Group and for other external partners.

Since joining York Aviation, Niall has managed a wide variety of airport capacity planning projects including recent studies for North Somerset Council in relation to Bristol Airport and for Plymouth City Council in relation to Plymouth City Airport.  Niall has also recently provided airport capacity planning expertise to the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) project.
Niall has also undertaken a number of projects in Poland, including master planning and capital expenditure analysis for the proposed airport at Sochaczew near Warsaw, an assessment of the management and investment strategies linked to forecasts for the Gdansk and Koskowo (Gdynia) airports, and the preparation of an airports strategy for the Pomorskie region of northern Poland.

Niall has recenly been working with Oslo Gardermoen Airport to provide training, technical support and the construction of a validated base model of the airport using the SIMMOD Plus! fast time simulation software package. 

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