Study into a Strategic Network of UK Aerodromes

York Aviation has been appointed by the Department for Transport to undertake a study on the definition of a ‘strategic network’ of general aviation aerodromes in the UK.  The specific terms of reference are to:

  • summarise and spilt between private and the various types of commercial users, the main socio-economic benefits to the UK economy and the UK public, from having a strategic network of GA aerodromes;
  • following the above, to identify a series of evaluation criteria that could be used to assess the current and future strategic importance of a UK aerodrome in relation to the various types of GA;
  • to apply these criteria so as to create a UK wide database from which a network can be generated, and to recommend what the optimal UK strategic network would be and recommend how and by whom the network can be reviewed and kept up to date in line with changes in aerodrome use and capacity in future years. 

We are keen to engage closely with the GA community during this exercise and we will be holding a series of workshops in due course on this topic for representative GA organisations.  The organisations we will be consulting are:

  • Air League
  • Airfield Operators Group
  • Airport Operators Association
  • AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association)
  • Association of Air Ambulances
  • Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Sysems (ARPAS)
  • British Aerobatic Association
  • British Association of Balloon Operators
  • British Aviation Preservation Council
  • British Balloon and Airship Club
  • British Business & General Aviation Association
  • British Gliding Association
  • British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association
  • British Helicopter Association
  • British Medical Pilots Association
  • British Microlight Aircraft Association
  • British Model Flying Association
  • British Parachute Association
  • British Women Pilots Association
  • CAA General Aviation Unit
  • Flying Farmers Association
  • General Aviation Alliance
  • General Aviation Awareness Council
  • General Aviation Infrastructure Network (GAIN)
  • General Aviation Safety Council (GASCo)
  • Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers
  • Helicopter Club of Great Britain
  • Historic Aircraft Association
  • Honourable Company of Air Pilots
  • Light Aircraft Association
  • National Police Air Service (NPAS)
  • PPL/IR Europe  
  • Royal Aero Club
  • Royal Aeronautical Society
  • Vintage Aircraft Club 

We would encourage anyone with an interest in this study to feed any thoughts or comments to the relevant organisations that represent your interests. 

But should you wish to feedback any thoughts directly to us there is a dedicated email address you can use to contact us directly, although we may not be able to reply to every email individually.


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